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1.   Thines B, Youn, Duarte M, and Harmon FG . (2014). The time of day effects of warm temperature on flowering time involve PIF4 and PIF5. Journal of Experimental Botany   65 (4): 1141-51.

2.   Thines B, Mandaokar A, and Browse J . (2013). Characterizing jasmonate regulation of male fertility in Arabidopsis. Methods Mol Biol.   1011: 13-23.

3.   Thines B, Harmon FG . (2011). Four easy pieces: mechanisms underlying circadian regulation of growth and development. Curr Opin Plant Biol   14 (1): 31-7.

4.   Thines B, Harmon FG . (2010). Ambient temperature response establishes ELF3 as a required component of the core Arabidopsis circadian clock. Proc Natl Acad Sci   107 (7): 3257-62.

5.   Melotto M, Mecey C, Niu Y, Chung HS, Katsir L, Yao J, Zeng W, Thines B, Staswick P, Browse J, Howe GA, He SY . (2008). A critical role of two positively charged amino acids in the Jas motif of Arabidopsis JAZ proteins in mediating coronatine- and jasmonoyl isoleucine-dependent interactions with the COI1 F-box protein. Plant J   55 (6): 979-88.

6.   Chung HS, Koo AJ, Gao X, Jayanty S, Thines B, Jones AD, Howe GA . (2008). Regulation and function of Arabidopsis JASMONATE ZIM-domain genes in response to wounding and herbivory. Plant Physiol   146 (3): 952-64.

7.   Thines B, Katsir L, Melotto M, Niu Y, Mandaokar A, Liu G, Nomura K, He SY, Howe GA, Browse J . (2007). JAZ repressor proteins are targets of the SCF(COI1) complex during jasmonate signalling. Nature   448 (7154): 661-5.

8.   Mandaokar A, Thines B, Shin B, Lange BM, Choi G, Koo YJ, Yoo YJ, Choi YD, Choi G, Browse J . (2006). Transcriptional regulators of stamen development in Arabidopsis identified by transcriptional profiling. Plant J   46 (6): 984-1008.

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